Beautiful Chaos By Kami Garcia and Margaret Sthol

Beautiful Chaos is a fantasy young adult novel by its authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Sthol. It is the third novel in the caster chronicles and was published October 2011.


Ethan Wate is in love with a caster girl. When he he looks at Lena, its like there’s no one else in the world. But Ethan is a mortal, and on her seventeenth birthday Lena made a choice that changed everything. The girl Ethan loves has broken the world with the supernatural powers she is struggling to control… Now, if they are to fix the chaos Lena has caused, one of them must make a terrible sacrifice. Sometimes there is no going back.  And this time there wont be a happy ending.

My Review

Beautiful Chaos is a great book it involves great sacrifice and worry. Ethan is losing him self and Lena is determine to fix what she has broken before someone she loves gets hurt but is she to late. You’ll have to read the book and find out.  I particularly line the little white writing above the title sayingThere love has just begun. Now the end of days is coming…” My favorite line in the book is “I’ve been waiting.” It means so much about whats going to happen.

I recommend this book to people who prefer fantasy books. It is amazing you really will enjoy it.


Beautiful Darkness By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Darkness is a young fantasy novel written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It is the second book out of the caster chronicles and was published in October 2010.


One night in the rain, Ethan Wate opened his eyes and fell in love with Lena Duchesses.  His life would never be the same.  Lena is a caster and her family is locked in supernatural civil war. One her sixteenth birthday she made a terrifying choice which haunts her day and night. And her seventeenth birthday approaches, Lena and Ethan face even greater danger. A caster and a mortal can never truly be together.  Every kiss is a curse . Ethan’s next heartbeat could be his last. It is their curse now…

My Review

Beautiful Darkness is my next best favorite to Beautiful Creatures and is written superbly by its authors. I particularly like the little white writing above the title saying  “Some loves are meant to be. Others are cursed…”. It makes you think about what its talking about and makes you eager to read the book. The story is about how Lena accidentally kills her Uncle, Macon, and she can’t stop thinking about everything spiraling out of control in a world of darkness. Running of with the mystery man, John Breed, and her siren cousin Ridely Duchennes.  Ethan believes the glowing  arclight is leading him to Lena, what he doesn’t know is its really Macon. Olivia forfeits her chance to be a keeper to help her mortal love whose heart belonged to someone else. My favorite line in the book is ‘No one was listening. No one was watching. Nobody in the world existed apart from the two of us-‘. This a fantastic book to read.

I recommend this book to people who prefer fantasy books.


Beautiful Creatures By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl Book Review

Beautiful Creatures is an American young adult novel written by its authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and is the first book in the Caster Chronicles series. The book was published in December 2009. Te book is a fantasy, romance novel featuring Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate as two lovers with a twist. Beautiful Creatures has been transformed into a major motion picture which was released in 2013.

In Ethan Wate’s home town there lies the darkest of secrets…
There is a girl. Slowly, she pulled the hood from her head… Green eyes,black hair. Lena Duchannes
There is a curse. On the sixteenth moon, of the sixteenth year, the book will take what its been promised. And no one can stop it.
In the end, there is a grave.

Lena and Ethan become bound together by a deep, powerful love. But Lena is cursed and, on her sixteenth birthday, her fate will be decided. Ethan never even saw it coming.

My Review
Beautiful Creatures is one of my absolute favorite books and is written so well it had me hooked from the first glace it says in little white writing above the title ‘Is falling in love the beginning… or the end?’. Beautiful Creatures has a story line of one ‘mortal’ boy named Ethan Wate and one ‘caster’ girl named Lena Duchannes, Ethan has been dreaming about her, she slipped through his fingers leaving behind a smell of lemons and rosemary, her could smell her but never catch her as he feels he can’t live without her. Lena is the new girl to town (Gatlin) and Ethan falls deeply in love with her to the frustration of church-worshiping Emily Asher and the rest of the folk in Gatlin. One of my favorite lines in the book is “There are two kinds of people in our town, the stupid and the stuck, there ones who are bound to stay or to dumb to go, everyone else finds a way out.”  This book is a great book that make you just want to keep reading and reading.

I recommend this book to anybody who likes either fantasy books or romance books.
This is a brilliant book and your missing out if you don’t read it.
Beautiful Creatures Book Cover